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A few years ago, our agency’s founders, Elliott and Casey, decided they wanted to create their own sprit. Why? Because they loved spirits and they wanted to learn everything they could about them. After a little research they discovered one of America’s great lost treasures - Applejack. Often known as the original American spirit, Applejack has been made for over 300 years here in America, and was also made by both George Washington and Abraham Lincoln.

Applejack is a legendary spirit - at one point it was consumed by most of the US - yet, when Casey and Elliott discovered it, very few people were making or drinking it. Partly due to prohibition, Applejack had a dormant period throughout the 20th century. But with consumers’ renewed interest in quality, local products, and restaurateurs’ and bar owners’ appreciation of craft spirits, Applejack was ripe for a renaissance. The central New York region has some of the finest apples in the world, and after working with local farms to develop their spirit, Barking Irons Applejack was brought to market in the Fall of 2015. Our 100-proof spirit is made from 100% New York apples, aged in char 2 barrels, and has been poured in over 200+ NYC-area accounts. Applejack is back, and the world is steadily discovering this tasty, premium spirit.

Since we’ve launched, the brand continues to grow (sales doubled in 2018), and just as importantly, Night After Night has learned just what it takes to develop, market and sell a start-up spirit brand in one of the most competitive markets in the world - NYC.

What’s next?

Taking over the big apple.

Night After Night - Barking Irons Bar