“Night After Night speaks the same language as the types of people that are most important to our brand. Without the programs they’ve developed for us over the years, Jameson wouldn’t be where it is today.”

Paul Di Vito, VP, Marketing, Pernod Ricard



In the past eight years together, Night After Night has served as Jameson’s lead strategic and creative agency for all marketing programming here in the U.S. (content, social, music programs and partnerships, experiential, trade marketing, and more.). In that time, we’ve helped Jameson quadruple their sales, growing from 1MM to nearly 4MM cases.

So how’d we do it? We’d rather tell you over a whiskey, but since you’re here…

Jameson can trace its success back to the support of some of the best local bars around the country, and we knew our growth strategy had to give back to the community that championed the brand from the start. Focusing on the shared values between Jameson and their consumer: the value of community, the power of local, and the importance of challenging the growing social isolation rampant amongst millennials - we built a platform that could support all of Jameson’s marketing efforts: #LoveThyNeighborhood. This platform enabled Jameson to reach both their casual fans as well as diehards (e.g. those passionate drinkers with “Sine Metu” tattooed across their knuckles), through programs that engaged local communities around the country and included craft brewery partnerships, music festivals, bartender advocacy initiatives, and a killer social content machine, to name just a few.

But that’s just beginning of the story; let’s go a little deeper…


We often say Jameson “grew up in the bar”, because neighborhood bars are the place where Jameson really took off. But with up to six neighborhood bars a day closing across the country, and young people spending too much time on their phones and not enough time connecting in real life, we needed to remind the world just how important these beloved ‘third places’ are to our communities. Teaming up with Anderson .Paak (the Grammy-winner got his start playing local dives in his hometown) and editorial partners like Vice and Thrillist, who profiled the closures of bars across the country, we launched a rallying cry just ahead of Jameson’s heaviest sales period, St. Patrick’s Day.

#LoveThyBar is a call to action to all Americans who share Jameson’s values, to get out, spend time together IRL, and save their own neighborhood bars in the process. Jameson even pledged up to $1MM to pick up thousands of bar tabs via Facebook Messenger and partnered with Lyft to get people home safely.

Making a Global Brand Locally Relevant

Local relevance has long been a pillar of our growth strategy for Jameson, so we engaged some of America’s most unique neighborhoods to help us throw some of the biggest block parties the country has ever seen. Featuring 10 musicians from 10 cities, over 20 craft beer breweries, and an entire nation of bartenders, we created a through-the-line campaign that activated the spirit of Jameson everywhere we went. From Seattle to NYC, Austin to Miami and more, we championed the spirit of the neighborhood, highlighting each neighborhood’s distinct local vibe, and welcoming thousands of attendees at each stop. All while giving up-and-coming musicians, local bartenders, and brewers a platform to reach new audiences, both in real life and on Jameson’s social channels.

Whiskey & Craft Beer = #1 New Spirit of 2016

While some spirits companies might fear craft beer is taking away from their market share, Jameson believes craft brewers are essential partners in the neighborhood ecosystem (not to mention, Jameson tastes great with a beer backer). That’s why we developed a Barrel Exchange program that invites breweries across the country to visit our distillery in Ireland, returning home with Jameson Whiskey barrels to age their own beers creating unique beers to share with their local communities. This program was also a key component of our launch for Jameson Caskmates Stout, a new product extension that was named by Shanken as the #1 selling new spirit of 2016.

The Barrel Exchange program has since grown to encompass over 50 craft brewers nationwide, and has helped Caskmates become a national phenomenon, allowing for the launch of a second SKU: Jameson Caskmates, IPA edition.

And in 2019, Jameson received a true honor in the beer community, by being the first, and only spirit company ever to be invited to participate in Great American Beer Fest, the nation’s largest craft beer festival for trade and enthusiasts alike.

Engaging Our Passionate Fans, all 4.5MM of Them and Counting

Since taking over social media responsibilities in 2014, Night After Night has grown Jameson’s combined U.S. social following by over 10x across all US channels, building their Instagram and Twitter channels from scratch, winning at ‘share of conversation’ amongst key competitors, while consistently providing fun and engaging content to Jameson’s core fans and welcoming new ones to the fold.