We position brands to create the culture of tomorrow by connecting them with the people who run tonight.


We believe the night is the opportunity for brands. It is filled with celebration and openness, innovation and influence. It’s a physical space, a moment in time, and most importantly, a mindset where the most authentic connections are made with the hardest to reach consumers.

We believe that by funding the creativity, art, music, and cultural innovation of the night, brands can participate in a world bigger than their own, building communities with some of the most influential people in the world.

Night After Night achieves the strongest business results for our clients when our specialized teams:

  • Write a brand’s strategic platform

  • Discover and ink deals with artists who are strategically aligned to the platform and share the brand’s values

  • Help brands fund artists’ passion projects

  • Execute the creative that’s grounded in these platforms

  • Continuously power our client’s drive to cultural relevance through consumer engagement